SSD & CSSF, Rovinj

Let’s make you carefree all the way! Arriving to Rovinj has never been so simple…

We can offer you competitive prices, comfortable vehicles, good service and you can book your ride in advance! As we know you might be coming in more numbers there is a range of vehicles you can book, so if you plan on time you can also save your money.

We will be waiting for you at the airport with a board with SALSA ROVINJ FESTIVAL on it. If your flight is late, we will wait for you without additional charging.


You have an option to book:
– the whole vehicle
– one seat in the vehicle
PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal and all credit cards are accepted (American Express, MasterCard, Visa). Additional fee will be charged for PayPall payment.

Shared transfers between 6.00 – 22.00 / Private transfers between 0.00 – 24.00

Please read Terms & Conditions.

If you would like to book a shared transfer to/from Airport Zagreb, Airport Venezia, Airport Rijeka/Krk or Opatija, please send an inquire on e-mail All information on


We are collecting orders for shared transfers for Opatija and from/to Trieste. If there would be enough interest, we will organise a shared transfer from Pula Airport to Opatija or from or to Trieste. If shared transfer from Pula Airport to Opatija or from/to Trieste will be organised,  which is depending on the number of interested passengers, will will let you know at least 10 days before transfer date.

Please let us know about your interest via e-mail

Please note: If your accommodation is in City Center, where pedestrian zone is, please choose for pick-up or drop off location Valdibora parking or Adriss Hall (map – Pedestrian zone – Rovinj)




Private transfer (1 – 3 persons) by CAR
Pula – Opatija  – 110€
Rovinj – Rijeka (Krk) – 130€
Rovinj – Zagreb – 255€
Rovinj – Ljubljana – 255€
Rovinj – Venezia – 280€
Rovinj – Trieste – 160€

Private transfer (4 – 8 persons) by VAN
Airport Pula – Rovinj – 60€
Airport Pula – Opatija – 130€
Rovinj – Rijeka (Krk) – 145€
Rovinj – Zagreb – 280€
Rovinj – Ljubljana – 280€
Rovinj – Venezia – 290€
Rovinj – Trieste – 170€

Shared transfer price list (max. 8 person)
Airport Pula – Rovinj –  17€/person – (booked before 1st June) – drop off or pick up at the address (PayPall fee not included in price)
Airport Pula – Rovinj – 20€/person – min. 3 person (booked after 1st June) drop off or pick up at the address (PayPall fee included in price)

Other transfers
Rovinj – Trieste – 43€/person – min. 4 persons / on request
Airport Pula – Opatija – 33€/person – min 4 persons / on request
Airport Rijeka (Krk) – 37€ /person – min. 4 persons / on request